Yoko Ono

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  1. Scottie99

    Bigger than I thought.

  2. xman1970

    Ya ya ya aaaaaaaaaa ooooooooooo ah ah ah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. LightYagami209

    The pussy that squashed the Beatles.

  4. welcome-in_jaaAAMmm

    I had to read her book Pamplemousse/Grapefruit for uni and it was the woooorst.

  5. heterosapiens

    Great contribution to “controversial” posts 🙂

  6. fturla

    Yes, I agree with some of the other commentators. The Beatles was a doomed music band when they started getting into drugs and from there, their perspective both musically and financially was destroyed. The people they associated with were bad and Yoko Ono was simply a symptom of bad judgement by one member of the popular band.

    Was she a good person? Maybe. Her body was above average, I would say, but John Lennon was so popular, don’t you think he had a wide selection of women he could have dated?

  7. Discreto_Vale

    No god, please, no! NOOOOO!

  8. DarthSexus

    Good titties

  9. EargasmicGiant

    She killed The Beatles

  10. veekri

    Hot damn!

  11. Feeling_Bowl_2807

    Gross. Worse than her singing even.

  12. MyPornAccountfapfap


  13. CharlieDigital

    Worst post in the history of this subreddit

  14. Shake-Dramatic

    sexy body

  15. Zestyclose-Search-21

    Was she his cumwhore?

  16. incvthrowaway

    I’d blow a few loads in her.

  17. Mauri_op

    Please no 😭

  18. Upyaronson

    Hell no

  19. eyegazer444

    Probably the only one on here that I didn’t want to see

  20. GunstarCowboy

    Holy fuck, no.

  21. Hello_dave_

    I guess someone just watched the Beatles docu and got curious 😏

  22. Catchthedisc


  23. Evan_Porra

    Nice real tits

  24. Son-Of-Cthulu

    the lady who destroyed the beatles

  25. black-volcano


  26. cunninghammertime

    I bet her pussy smelt like a elderly monks armpit

  27. Alabama091087


  28. JBskierbum

    Weirdly downward pointing nipples!

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