Wonder if Scarlett Johansson had fun being stark naked on camera

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  1. seriousjuju77

    I certainly enjoyed that she was naked. 2-3x

  2. markanthonyadams

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  3. balzark

    Of course she did.
    She knows damn well how hot she is. Way before the Marvel movies she was insisting in going topless for a Michael Bay movie, but the man woudn’t let her…. probably because her boobs weren’t explosives.

  4. truneutral

    I know I had fun

  5. saturnbar

    What movie is this?

  6. ClientOk2096

    Wounder if Scarlett Johansson knew how many orgasms she was gonna make with that scene

  7. Fit_Pumpkin_27

    Wow… Her lips are amazing 😍😍😍

  8. florekp

    I know I had fun watching her

  9. Slasher006

    Its a european film. Europeans are not freaking out like 13y old boys at the female-band-camp when there is nudity…

  10. The_Alchemy_Artist

    You know, **I love that she finally did nude scenes** on film BUT *I hate that she did it in a really crappy “Species” movie wanna be. I love indie movies and I understand what the movies was going for, I just think it could of been done so much better. I think ScarJo was happy with the final product though… idk why.

  11. nightlife145

    I bet she did

  12. poafke

    i certainly have fun looking at her

  13. Ok_Reason5694

    She knew she was cum-bate

  14. mironvander

    I’m sure she had more fun spending the money she earned being stark naked on camera #capitalism

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