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Vivian Del Rio – The Touch of Her Flesh (1967)

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  1. careytommy37

    Nothing beats real

  2. 1984R

    Those are world class.

  3. mackiemayerszzz

    70’s to 90’s porn actresses were really the best unlike porn actresses in todays era

  4. fscknuckle

    God-tier tatas.

  5. EarlyHospital

    Those are some serious tats

  6. anigrafx

    Titties in that era were in a completely different class (epic!)

  7. KlaytonShinoda

    Natural big breasts and bush. I do wish I was there at the time.

  8. SilentFiend

    Women around this time frame had goddess tier tits. Why is it that natural tits of this time frame just look better than the natural tits of today?

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