Valentina Forte in Cut and Run (1985)

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  1. sapphireSMD

    You don’t see much ass like that from 1985. Nice find 👍

  2. DangerTo0thers

    Jesus Christ.

  3. UnderwoodsNipple

    I find the dress situation more interesting. Clinging to it for dear life till under the shower, then soaking it on the floor and then trying to put the wet rag on again.

  4. pornacc05

    Why would she want to get her clothes all wet for nothing?

  5. whateverisnttaken22

    That ass!

  6. grghk

    second thought was, that’s a nice shower.

  7. jianbob6

    Bro why all the woman from the 80 90 movies are fire

  8. Stiles233391

    Great ass and probably never did a squat

  9. International_Ebb_22

    There’s a couple of good ass shots of hers in this flick. Perfect bubble butt.

  10. CrunchHardtack

    I’m going to go way out on a limb here and say I find her *very* attractive!

  11. danj006655

    Nature at its finest

  12. Yes-its-really-me

    All you perverts are more interested in the ass. Who gets in a shower instantly without checking how hot/cold it is? No-one!!

  13. Amygdala_Ranger

    Beautiful girl, beautiful ass!

  14. YawningAngle

    When you at your bro’s house and he doesn’t give you a towel but you want a shower.

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