Valentina Forte – Cut And Run (1985)

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  1. Eaglesword66

    That ass is amazing

  2. Badm

    What kind of psycho stands under the shower before turning it on? Gotta get it to the right temperature first.

  3. wanttoseemydong

    She’s got a perfect body

  4. SiddhuBatsy

    That was an awkward shower.

  5. ModsAreCuntz

    Remember when showers actually had pressure and flow?

  6. byebye_bi_bi_bye


  7. VeryBadCopa

    What a sweet and amazing ass, what a gorgeous girl..

  8. cevkgc

    This is when I realized I belong in another generation

  9. bigbuick

    OMG, do I want to see her bush.

  10. Hungry_Lingonberry40

    Scrumptious ✊🏽

  11. Weekly-Visual

    Hot af

  12. Tritium3016

    Butt shots are her … forte.

  13. MrMike913

    That’s had to be the nicest ass in ’85!!

  14. grate_spellur

    That water pressure is almost as impressive as she is

  15. Biggoronz

    …that pressure is godly

  16. BrownLightning88

    Can’t believe boomers were so obsessed with boobs when there were perfect asses like hers all around them.

  17. StrangeBedfellows

    Plot is plot but there’s also context to this scene.

  18. Hot-Spare-8547

    Everyone talking about that ass but i’m lovin that water pressure 🤤🤤🤤

  19. spacesoulboi

    I have got to see this movie

  20. Academic-News-5463


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