Taylor Swift

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  1. eyesopenfor

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Taylor Swift is the closest thing to a Disney Princess I’ve ever seen.

  2. Haunting-Dance-40

    I could definitely live between them legs

  3. 2sTarPrince

    I can get lost in dem lips

  4. parthrathore3705

    Swiftly cumming for her .😍

  5. Round_Razzmatazz_850

    She has great pussy lips

  6. RegretProud6194

    Wish she stop wearing those thick bras. Free the Nipple

  7. LasttWhisper

    very niceeee

  8. ResearchPurposes18

    Ok but this isn’t pussy so it doesn’t belong on this sub

  9. Zestyclose-Search-21

    I wonder if she enjoys facials

  10. TripleDNyc

    Love her but theres no bush so… im confused

  11. OccasionHot4219

    sometimes she came across to me as a man. now i know she isn’t….maybe

  12. Ok_Instance_4004

    Anyone wanna talk about her?

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