Sydney Sweeney in ‘The White Lotus’

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  1. AndalusianGod

    Oh boy, how I wish she did nude scenes!

    edit: lol, maybe I should’ve added a /s.

  2. _PM_Me_Game_Keys_

    With Alexandra Daddario and Sydney Sweeney I was hoping for more in the plot department but I loved White Lotus anyway. Great show you should check out if you haven’t yet.


    Her tits are spectacular!!!

  4. mmumm

    It seems like a nice shelter for a zombie apocalypse

  5. Inquirious-Betsy

    This show was good, but it didn’t deserve an Emmy nod for best limited series, especially when they snubbed Under The Banner Of Heaven and Scenes From A Marriage.

  6. TheUndercoverCat

    Who knocks at the garden gate?

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