Sydney Sweeney in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 trailer

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  1. sapphireSMD

    If she has any more plot developments this season Reddit is gonna crash

  2. palikona

    Oh man, please go fully nude.

  3. CelebsPH

    She’s so fucking sexy.

  4. Danirog575


  5. Jaxen_Craiz

    Wish she would have some plot this season

  6. SnuggleMonster15

    Me likey

  7. notoriousmeekster

    My fancast for Black Cat in the MCU

  8. fan-of-things

    only reason I will watch for the plot

  9. brisbanenudist

    Is she a good actress? I’ve never seen anything she’s in, just clips on here. Is there any reason to cast her in something other than to get get into (and out of) sexy outfits?

  10. 124967

    Wtf that show’s season 2 still hasn’t released? The first season was like 3 years ago.

  11. danj006655

    Is her character the ultimate slut

  12. Lokir1972

    Beautiful and sensual body

  13. VF5


  14. Shadvw


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