Skyler Wright’s massive plots in Dexter New Blood EP5

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  1. AgreeableButOnlyThat

    She’s gorgeous but her name’s so porn-y she’s hard to search for on here.

  2. Enforcement94

    Just finished that episode, was just thinking that’s gonna be on this sub haha.

  3. [deleted]

    Knew I could count on this sub for a good cropped version. Damn she was fine as hell!

  4. Just-Passin-Thru-

    I liked the girl since last episode but never imagined to see her naked 😳

  5. [deleted]

    She was hot as hell

  6. ThrowsAwayLikeAGirl

    What the hell is the set up for this? Is Dexter watcher her through some CCTV or something?

  7. Serling45

    She looks like a thicker version of young Jennifer Connelly. Wow.

  8. Opinions4Sal3

    To answer her question, yes.

  9. 36Gmeansginormous

    What else is she from? She’s beautiful

  10. Bark4Soul

    That shot of her booty before this was killer too

  11. pattarr11

    Was friends with her in HS. I guess dreams do come true.

  12. grievous6976

    Is dexter a good show?

  13. pervertbatman

    Forgive me Father for what I’m about to do

  14. 5inch_quickie

    I had only bad opinion about this season. But Batista and Dexter’s obituary printout gave me real chills 😍

  15. tommykaye

    I don’t plan on getting back in to Dexter. But I just followed Skyler Wright on Instagram, lol.

  16. beyakox33

    Thank you for your service.

  17. PrettyLazyLittleCrzy

    Holy hell

  18. pizzzzaman

    How come it seems like no name actresses are more willing to get nude lol

  19. MrGiggles1967


  20. Quierochurros

    They’re very nice, but not really “massive,” are they?

    Edit: LOL

    Words have meanings

  21. ccg426

    She’s hot but are those tits “massive”? I’d say no , but they do look real and great on that frame.

  22. YeetMasterPeter

    What streaming service is Dexter New Blood on?

  23. Time-Host9093

    I wish i was the bed 😍

  24. Mister_Be

    Is there an HD version of this?

  25. SlanceMcJagger

    I wanna see her plot holes

  26. fuckingbaguette

    Big, not huge

  27. iw2tfljn


  28. GOLDI123456789

    See you have to wonder why they totally try to act like a Disney show.

    Not saying that they should have a tonne of nudity but the season has practically zero blood.

    It’s a show about a murderer, the first episode had random guys getting handjobs and all… Criminals don’t usually follow decency and decorum.

  29. Automatic_Sun2014


  30. Straight_Out_The_Bay


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