Shanti Carson – “Shortbus” 2006 Outtakes: “If you give me a second I can cum for real”, “OK, let’s do it”

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  3. tiredcynicalbroken

    I went into this movie not knowing anything about it, just heard it had a load of critical praise. It opens with a guy self sucking. I’m so glad I didn’t watch it with my parents

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  5. soupypoopy12

    My professor had our class watch this film freshmen year lol

  6. Kingky420

    Damn where can you find it?

  7. muricabrb

    Fun fact: Shanti is a professional fire eater.

  8. thistle-man

    Where can you find it?


    This feels like one of my biggest fantasies: doing a sex scene in a movie that’s not supposed to be real, but then actually going for it and having sex while the camera is rolling and no one being any the wiser. Of course they ARE supposed to be having sex for real here, but still.

  10. Basatc

    true professional

  11. RedboyX

    That’s a fucking beautiful thing

  12. MidKnightshade

    I have this movie.

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  15. ilarion_musca

    And the difference from self-admitted porn is… ?

  16. AllElitest

    I believe it’s still bull shit.. telling me she’s not acting .. ya..

  17. toddrogersama

    So we’re allowed to post BTS stuff like this?

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