Shannon Whirry – greasied up her plots in Private Obsession (1995)

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  1. Oppenheimer_Sandwich

    Jim Carry got to suck on her tit, right?

  2. greetp

    I cant’ believe that’s not butter.

  3. JJman1972

    She deserves her own subreddit. Her body is the most incredible I’ve seen! She was the queen of Skinimax in the 90’s.

  4. UnderwoodsNipple

    Glad her step brother was there to help

  5. ApplesandEve

    Mike Hammer: Private Eye. Check it out. I’ll plug it any chance I get.

  6. pacific-piercer

    What the actual fuck. I swear I have never seen tits that perfect before. My mind is blown.

  7. idamons

    Those are days, when actresses had huge natural racks rather than silicone implants 🔥

  8. InevitableMango0

    First example of r/StuckPorn?

  9. HydrophobicSeaTurtle

    Amazing quality !

  10. HoochiePants


  11. Particular_Hornet_99


  12. careytommy37


  13. MySillyAlt

    And people say that today’s porn is ridiculous.

  14. Wargasm69


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  16. pekenio

    This is a plot. Right heree

  17. slysurfer

    Summon u/stabbot

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