Selma Blair & Sarah Michelle Gellar – Sexy Lesbian plot in ‘Cruel Intentions’

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  1. WatercressOk8399

    The most iconic saliva in the fap community

  2. SufficientNerve7

    It’s hard to overstate how big of a deal this scene was in 1999.

  3. ScienceForward2419

    When I was 14 I could masturbate to this.

  4. PepsiTaco

    I destroyed the vhs ribbon from this scene alone as a kid.

  5. AdeIsAde

    Selma Blair was crazily underrated it hotness

  6. MangaReader95

    Sarah was for the Scene, Selma looked like it was for Lust lol

  7. maverickaod

    One of the all-time classics.

  8. lone_raven720

    I wish I was old enough to witness when this movie came out. Must’ve been crazy.

  9. lights_out_tits_out

    Ah, my sexual awakening

  10. mv913

    This just makes me think of the spoof they did of the scene in Not Another Teen Movie lmao

  11. tacalhoune

    I will never not upvote this.

  12. GhostPepper33

    That was cool.

  13. ArronAdler

    For a very long time I thought girls learnt kissing this way

  14. nixforfun

    That’s hot. I had not seen this before !!

  15. rohithkumarsp

    This was the scene that steered me towards finding lesbian porn. ALSO there was a parody version of this with a old lady and women.

  16. redneckinme

    If I wasn’t hard at work before, I sure am now

  17. Crunchy_Biscuit

    Damn, somebody’s Bisexual here.

  18. HostileHippie91

    Selma Blair really went all in with the tongue, she wanted to make the best of the chance to kiss Sarah

  19. AC_the_Panther_007

    Hot Lesbian Kiss.

  20. Significant-Fox7131

    An early entry to my spank bank growing up

  21. ProchinaMarxist

    This scene has spilled more jizz than Muhammad Ali an d Michael J fox working at a fertility clinic

  22. BlueFreedom420

    Sarah Michelle Gellar never does anything half assed.

  23. bulletpr00fsoul

    Whoa… that little string of saliva! Hot!

  24. Lachimanus

    And there I was sure that this is from Not Another Teen Movie.

  25. say_the_words

    They kissed for something recently. Maybe a Pride thing. Selma had her cane but looked pretty fit. MS is a real good days and bad days disease though.

  26. reversechinlock

    Greatest kiss in cinema history. I miss the 90s

  27. bob996699

    Gibt mir Gummikauens Vibes

  28. Yomama-22

    Someone should loop this. 🙏🏼

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