Scarlett Johansson must be pretty brave to have done these scenes. She probably spent hours on set butt naked for this movie.

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  1. neotheseventh

    Typically these are done in closed sets. Only necessary people allowed, may be just 2-3

  2. knothere

    Doubtful any second they aren’t filming there are the magic new things called robes

  3. jrc83

    Fucking love her butt. Looks so chunky and grabbable. Damn.

  4. JD0417

    What’s the movie called?

  5. fomalhautstarr

    Unequivocally the greatest nude scene from any movie ever

  6. Frogsmom69


    She did it for the notoriety and the paychecks

    She’s a businesswoman, and a smart one.
    Just got 60 million out of Disney.
    Granted she doesn’t see every penny herself
    But she flat out said “Do you want to see what happens when you fuck stranger in the ass Larry? Well look out that window son.”
    And Disney watched her chunk out 60 million

    There’s principalities in this.

  7. john_0192

    Love to seduce her

  8. sexgames_cc

    I don’t think so it would be hard for her.

    Right now I can say that Heroines are comfortable doing nude scenes but you tell them to act emotionally or be comic, it will be difficult as they have not done much before.

  9. TheDavidMichaels

    good it would be nice to nut in this one. brave no, she just and dumb escort.

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