Rosario dawson from HE GOT GAME(1998)

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  1. Shikarii_

    He grabbed the game alright

  2. OG-Mate23

    Ray Allen having the shot of his life other than Game 6, 2013 Finals

  3. drop_MAC-10_pls

    I would say I’m above average with recognizing faces, but I seriously can’t tell that this is her.

  4. depcoff

    Realize that the purpose of his hands on her breasts is to cover them not to be sexy.

  5. Nikeheat305

    Ray Allen was a lucky man to have such a divine woman costar with him in this movie!!

  6. SnooRegrets3965

    Why does it look like she doesn’t have nipples

  7. Meowshi

    how have I never seen this?

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