Pauline Chalamet (Frontal Debut-Nip Peek) in The Sex Lives of College Girls [S1E7-2021]

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  1. MrWyane

    Pauline and her curves are superhot. I was kind of upset that they didn’t gave us the real nudity in this otherwise great scene. Pauline and Amrit both seem fine with some nudity unlike the other two girls, so I was hoping for at least another butt shot.

  2. Fuzzy_Adhesiveness72

    Very dangerous around that series x, those are a hot commodity wouldnt even risk it around it

  3. lapscrew

    Does this bedroom not look identical to the one in American Pie?

  4. bakebaar

    Super thighs Pauline.

  5. Roger_Gold

    Pauline Chalamet (Bobbieness-Upper Areola) in Entre-Deux (2020)

    Pauline Chalamet (Butt) in Cosmic Disaster (2021)

    – her actual nude debut?

    Pauline Chalamet in Agnès et Milane (2017)

  6. DamnAut0correct

    More like a Lateral Debut don’t you think?🤔

  7. staginasuit

    Isn’t she Paul Atreides’ sister?

  8. PastalavistaBabe

    The name of the series sounds like a bad porno when it’s supposed to be a mainstream TV series.

  9. Eastern-Stage-9752

    TIL Timothee Chalamet has a sister

  10. acooper2224

    I’m not putting her on the same level as Sydney Sweeney but this kind of reminds me of some of Sydney’s early work before she went nude. I remember seeing one of her sex scenes where she showed some incredible side boob and after seeing that I hoped she would do a nude scene some day. Hopefully Pauline follows in Sydney’s footsteps.

  11. uff_____

    Me:downloading whole episode just to watch this scene with sound 😂😂

  12. bat_liquorice

    I literally had history class with her

  13. Deangellobeige

    That is what you call a cornbread fed white girl!!

  14. RaiderCane

    I was hesitant on her for the simple yet stupid reason of her brother (the guy just seems like a massive douchebag), but WOW. She is hot! Those curves, great breasts (despite not seeing them in all their glory sadly), giving it her all in several positions 🤤🔥(especially the first one, seeing her riding like that🤯). And I think this is her first acting role too, may this be the first of many hot scenes from her🙏

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  17. ResponsePractical

    Does it have real penetration there?

  18. jeffreyepstein910

    Who is the guy?

  19. Asleep_Inflation1972

    Does it have a lot of other sex scenes?

  20. Collinbacca


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