Paulina Gaitan- Senorita Polvora

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  1. AnvilEdifice

    You could get literally any project greenlit as long as her backplot features in it.

  2. xlr8ors

    I knew she looked somehow familiar. She was Escobar’s wife in Narcos!

  3. onmywaydownnow

    Did he just walk away from that? Come on man!

  4. bluehawk232

    Her nude scenes are incredible. What a body

  5. daguerre

    Dios mio.

  6. GOR098

    Glorious woman.


    Between the Superman pose and that look right after she takes off the shirt, I’d lose every time.

  8. HostileHippie91

    What is it with Latina girls and having the craziest bodies?

  9. somethingspecialic

    Anybody know where I could get those panties? Damn would love to see them on my gf

  10. DammitDan


  11. Yeboi892

    Is she wearing a fucking core drill from gurren lagann in her neck?

  12. magicL44

    This is now my favourite show

  13. SMMMFO

    Good lord

  14. SkinReaperr

    Seeing this for the first time….

    For me this was even more sexier than a full nude body….

    Damnn she is perfect.

  15. penhead455

    Holy shit

  16. reeverxxx

    What is he gay? I mean that ass!!

  17. YmeKnome

    Did he just walk away from her? He gay…

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