Natascha McElhone

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  1. Sex-Robot

    Oh I have some fond memories of this scene. Used to fancy her like mad.

    (Still do, but I used to, too.)

  2. Jakstrate1313

    I admired her on Californication…never seen her naked there tho’

  3. NippleAficionado

    To hell with the vaj, those tits are perfect.

  4. Wanks2Starlets

    TIL white girls sometimes have afros down there.

  5. maskofdamask

    We should just rename this sub celebrity bush.

  6. Heyyyyaaaaaaaaincast


  7. porousasshole


  8. timg400

    Delicious looking bush

  9. onmundjzargo

    Nice Bush

  10. RTManson

    Wait… so she couldn’t so much as show a butt cheek in Californiacation but she she goes full frontal in this?

  11. dmahon100

    Looks very fake I’m sure I read somewhere she had a body double for this scene

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