Nalani Wakita – Beautiful shaved full frontal plot in ‘Altered Carbon’ s01e02

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  1. BlackdragonSix

    Season one was so good, and not only because of the nudity.

  2. Cepekae

    Had it in wishlist for so long, now definitely watching it

  3. S444E444

    in context what does ‘put ur wife in me’ mean lol

  4. chairmanMaoww

    Good lord those little tits are sexy!

  5. TushyFiddler

    She’s so cute

  6. SarahRios206

    Shaved 🥲🤤

  7. darklightsun

    Placing ourselves in the reality of this universe, I think by this time geneticists would have figured out how to make ladies hairless from the nape of their neck down, so is she really shaved?

  8. danj006655

    Completely forgot about this scene

  9. ResidentSmartass

    Moment of silence for the absolute travesty that was season two.

  10. informedinformer

    Beautiful girl. Kind of creepy slogan. Is it *his* decision to make, what kind of body *he* puts his wife in? Or is that part of the show’s zeitgeist?

  11. rotaderpxepa

    Her pussy lips are beautiful. Would love to nibble!

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