Nadine Nicole in ‘Casual’ (She plays Clarissa Mao in The Expanse)

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  1. shreklike

    amos is right,peaches it is

  2. goggleblock

    Nice peaches

  3. SquidAndCheese

    Careful, she’ll fuck your shit up.

  4. zuke5

    Wow quite perky!

  5. tommykaye

    Were those nautical star tattoos a character thing for this show? Or does she really have those? Because it’s gives me “never left hometown slutty bartender” vibes. And it turns me on, lol.

  6. jagcalle

    Holy… I did NOT expect such perfection…

  7. neotheseventh

    I have seen both and I didn’t remember she was in Casual

  8. Adventurous995

    Nice posting

  9. HoraceGrantGlasses

    Casual was such a good show.

  10. rearviewmirror71

    As good as it gets

  11. Hotmac33

    Amazing babe 🥵❤

  12. TwinCityHero

    Those tattoos…

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