Milla Jovovich

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  1. Discreto_Vale

    Nemesis: PUSSYYY :3

  2. Plastic_Future_1689


  3. ScottishSam

    I love this picture!
    Makes me happy no matter how many times I see it…

  4. skottiebaybay

    love her

  5. OccasionHot4219

    Fifth element was the pussy all along.

  6. GeneralG94

    She is my absolute favorite

  7. TankOld3044


  8. donaroony

    Auto shower.

  9. Turin481

    My first thought I had when I saw this Stoya isn’t a celebrity unless you consider pornstars celebrities. It’s not even Stoya. Milla is beautiful. Just has a similar look to Stoya.

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