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Michaela Hoover – The Suicide Squad

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  1. SolarAnonymous

    First time I watched the film I wondered if that was meant to be over-the-top as a joke. Still not entirely sure.

  2. VoodooWiggins

    That’s some great bounce 👌

  3. Opinions4Sal3

    She went from zipped up and typing on her Xandarian iPad in the background of Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014 to bouncing around and delivering phones in 2021.

    And they say investing in your work doesn’t pay off

  4. W3ndigoGames

    I watched this film for the first time yesterday and the second I saw the first jiggle I looked to my roommate and said “holy shit look at the jiggle physics!”

    I think it’s meant to be a joke tbh but I honestly can’t tell. It felt kinda out of place

  5. tommykaye

    Mikaela has been in like six of James Gunn’s projects. Dude knows what he likes.

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