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Lynda Carter – Bobbi Jo and the Outlaw (1976)

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  1. BibbyBillet

    I didn’t know there were two nude scenes in this movie!

  2. IllustriousSwim4742

    My favorite woman ever

  3. Dirt_Bike_Zero

    She can tie me up with a golden lasso anytime.

  4. MaesteoBat

    What a set of tits

  5. dirtydandoogan1

    Literally just about the perfect woman, and she’s still damn hot for her age now.

  6. CanadianJogger

    She wins on face alone. Everything else is just gravy. Baby gravy.

  7. ZipperSnail

    She was an absolute goddess in her time.

  8. dennydog323


  9. bryandavid667

    Gal Gadot should follow her and do such a scene

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