Ludivine Sagnier at her peak in Water Drops on Burning Rocks

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  1. Lopsided-Economist-4

    What a perfect body

  2. idtastethat

    That ass is amazing.

  3. justkiddin6

    Love how she arches her back to push her chest out

  4. uttddmb

    At her ~~peak~~ perkiest.

  5. Normal_Whereas

    Her body should be made reference in anatomy books.

  6. [deleted]

    You just know this chick fucks well. And with a body like that has had a lot of practice.

  7. RangerLt

    That lean back is impressive. Definitely wanted to put them center-frame

  8. Lolmartin31

    French women are a blessing

  9. DionysusKillsIt

    The carpet matches the drapes.

  10. careytommy37

    Thanks for the slow-mo 😍

  11. -_-o_o

    Best type of bush

  12. febulous

    Remarkable example of a butterface

  13. Elan40

    Like the Greasman used to say “ I will dine at your behind ,”

  14. tommymaggots

    Her body is perfection.

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