Lucia Passaniti – Perfect plot in ‘Sophia Antipolis’

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  1. dougola

    I think most women are uneven. I’m good with how she is now.

  2. eyeDontKnowWhyImHere

    Imagine getting paid to hold some 10/10 titties

  3. jaynotgay03

    Kinda satisfying to watch

  4. -Eoan-Daws-

    Whatever they’re preparing to do to her looks awful.

  5. strumpetlover

    I know this is just a movie but it hurts me to see beautiful women augment perfection

  6. Leeof66

    Fun with A Sharpie! I love arts and crafts

  7. vicentel0pes

    And she’s about to ruin those marvelous things… What a sin

  8. Zyslatt

    I’m the name of science

  9. IronJawJim

    Can you imagine being her and reading the script, you’re in an office with your agent and they tell you “This is a part just perfect for you”………..”It’s going to make you a STAR”.

    I don’t know about you, but I can imagine the raised eyebrow of doubt.

  10. jwaters1110

    This is one of the most stunning plots I’ve ever personally seen. She is beautiful and those tits are perfect.

  11. Hungry_Lingonberry40

    The amount of willpower the dude has to not fondle them is immense

  12. Mr_Qwerty44


  13. careytommy37

    A True Plot

  14. National-Flower-9231


  15. National-Flower-9231


  16. b00bilious


  17. NetworkMuch3829

    I’m amazed with this girl. Such a pretty face, and marvelous tits

  18. lazyruin1

    u/redditspeedbot x1

  19. Adventurous995

    She is pretty

  20. lazyruin1

    u/redditspeedbot x1

  21. DickieThon2020

    Sophia AnTITpolis … amirite?

    (waits for massive downvote tsunami…)

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