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Lisa Allison

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  1. CharlieDigital

    Might be the greatest actress body I have ever seen

  2. -4321

    From the 1985 film Love Circles

  3. Yeah_right_sezu

    I remember this girl. Cinemax ran this movie and it was terrible. The audio was so bad that it seemed like it was dubbed. I wonder what ever happened to Lisa Allison. This is the only film I’ve ever seen her in.

  4. Ok-Protection1869


  5. Rubham3

    Let there be light

  6. LingDingChing

    https:// discord.gg/PbfXFn3P

  7. KaHnMaYkR

    I literally can’t find any information on her at all

  8. sosexysex

    Hot As Fuck 🔥

  9. Kinkayed


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