Lindsay Lohan

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  1. Prestigious-Fix-7841

    What the hell happened to her face?

  2. Sidestick357

    What happened to her nipples

  3. Footballlion

    Ghost nipples

  4. dmahon100

    Ghost nipples

  5. tijua76

    Hope she is doing better

  6. Extant_Remote_9931

    She had perfect breast.

  7. radarscopee

    Don’t do drugs kids

  8. ColdDayInHell89

    Poor Lindsay. That addict eye twitch always gets me.

  9. Jossie2014

    Maybe my favorite tits in the big H

  10. TrueVision1852425

    Once upon a time, she was perfect.

  11. Just_Old_Me72

    What a fantastic body!!!

  12. Fifaplayzjr

    She looks like she’s off her head

  13. Underrated_Critic

    She has no nipples.

  14. Past-Solution5360

    She looks hideous now and her tits look like nightmare fuel

  15. thegreatesttodoit85

    Where the fuck are the nipples ???

  16. Zeeloterij

    The fact she is a drug addict makes her 10x hotter

  17. BiggDaddy036


  18. Guard-Constant

    Gingers don’t tan well😂

  19. rojasdracul

    That’s like peak Lohan

  20. averagedickdude

    Epitome of ghost nipples

  21. Lowballs23


  22. Naive-Break2781

    Name a Celebrity with worse looking tits

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