Lily James – slip plots in ‘The Pursuit of Love’ – enhanced

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  1. windstorm32

    We need an open-matte version.

  2. SnooRegrets3965

    This show musta not have gotten the R rating

  3. Inquirious-Betsy

    Why is it that a show as bathtub centric as this only had nip slips?

    Also, that is the murkiest water I’ve ever seen.

  4. Ok-Wheel-5673

    👎 who takes a bath in milky water? If you’re gonna do a nude scene, do a nude scene. You’re wasting people’s time otherwise…

  5. bash413

    U little lily!

  6. MrDanishBeastDK

    Mmm would love for her to take care of my plot…

  7. macadamnut

    None of that was in the book!

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