Lili Simmons – sweet as pie plot in Banshee (S01E02)

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  1. MostlyLostTraveler

    I think my favorite part of this scene is how her dress rides up on her.

  2. SnooCheesecakes8369

    Banshee was all about her

  3. ImportantCaptain3424

    I started watching this show for her plot! But ended up liking the show 😂😂

  4. caseypaul35

    Damn she is FINE!!!!!

  5. Snoo72895

    … then he sees her in her Amish outfit later without make-up etc, and she does a tiny smirk when he realises it’s her

  6. Singer211

    I remember this scene the first time I saw it.

    She was a revelation!

  7. kuterthi

    Love the way her nipples turn hard as she strips

  8. farmbutt

    That’s fucking Homelander.

  9. gdan95

    God, she’s so hot

  10. wood1030

    Now that’s how you defuse Homelanders super powers.

  11. ramtinology91

    I really should watch Banshee

  12. Satanairn

    She’s hot and all but for me the main babe was Siobhan played by Trieste Kelly Dunn.

  13. -enervating-

    She’s late 20 or early 21 in this scene.

  14. palikona

    Is her vag exposed when she sits on him?

  15. Notorcooch


  16. seditious3


  17. shortymoane

    Bon Jovi!

  18. throwaway_9999

    I love her double life. Almost tempted to watch the entire series.

  19. lazyruin1

    u/redditspeedbot x1

  20. AllthngsIdntGveAFuck

    He didn’t go down on her, pass

  21. Automatic_Sun2014


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