Lea Seydoux, Adele Exarchopoulos – Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

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  1. magicL44

    Someone once said to me:

    “Lesbian sex scenes in movies directed by straight men, always look like MMA bouts with jujitsu specialists”

    And I’ve not been able to un-see this ever since.

  2. Rated_PG-Squirteen

    I’ll never get tired of seeing this scene.

  3. Sjabert


  4. fur_porn

    Scissor me tibers

  5. Jtagz

    So, here’s my thing with this film. I think it’s a genuinely gorgeous story, and I think it’s worth a watch.

    But it’s hard to recommend it because of this very loooong intense sex scene. Like it’s a great sex scene but, uh… can definitely over stay it’s welcome for some people.

  6. KAMBUI1973

    This scene NEVER GETS OLD😳

  7. MoleNumber3

    We watched this movie in school once. Quite the experience.

  8. NeXTstop12

    Never get bored of this scene, It’s one of the best

  9. Zoidburger404

    What plot? This is straight up porn and good one

  10. designerdad

    She’s beautiful in The French Dispatch


    Wait this is a actually movie 🤯 where the heck have i been i came across this many times and just skipped over it on red but dam 😳

  12. No_Sir_1606

    Bruh that’s straight up just porn lmao

  13. AnvilEdifice

    Who else blue a warm load to this?

  14. Significant-Fox7131

    The top scene in my fap folder

  15. Dark_Prince28


  16. ExistingJellyfish0

    I’ve been seeing this whenever i us mr.skin and always wanted to know where it was from

  17. SloppyBlossoms

    It was ranked 130 in the 200 best lesbian films of all time by the lesbian magazine Autostraddle recently:

    “This Palme d’or winner is certainly one of the more divisive lesbian movies. Some despise its extended sex scenes drenched with male gaze while others admire its genuine sensuality and emotion. Reports of on-set abuse only make matters more complicated. Still, it’s impossible to ignore the beautiful performances from Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux, and easy to appreciate its portrayal of first love. For many, this is a movie that no longer belongs to its male writer/director, but to its lead actresses and to their own past selves who in 2013 saw something familiar.”

  18. Griever114

    !Remindme 4 hours

  19. Blkknight8

    This is a movie I had watched with my homies 4 times simply because we found it funny to do so. We literally watched it for the plot without even knowing french.

  20. Poli_Talk

    Acting, gentlemen.

  21. [deleted]


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