King Kong reveals Jessica Langs plots in King Kong 1976

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  1. randomdaddy1

    He wanted to put that King Kong Dong inside her

  2. Normal_Whereas

    Naughty monkey.

  3. onehornymofo

    Lol the definition of gratuitous nudity

  4. ms04102021

    Monke horny

  5. Demon_Baker

    “Damn dirty ape!”

  6. [deleted]

    Ten year old me was quite taken by this.

  7. feynmann1998

    That one horny monke

  8. nenihi

    Nice play

  9. ApprehensiveDrink874

    This scene gets me so horny and wet

  10. GodzillaForever123

    Know this is a weird place to say this, but damn was this film absolute shit. The effects were terrible, and I’ve seen Kaiju Eiga films have way better effects with only 1/6 of the budget of this film.

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