Kimberly McArthur Easy Money 1983

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  1. richardtapestrie

    as a 10 year old when this came out, my expectations for the sorts of adventures I’d find myself in when I got older were wildly inaccurate

  2. fan-of-things

    best neighbour ever!

  3. cartman101

    Looks like he finally got some respect.

  4. Serling45

    Lucky Rodney.

  5. LowerAd4323

    She is my all-time favorite playmate.
    I recommend to check her playboy’s video.

  6. greed-man

    I liked that movie.

  7. fan-of-things

    When do I move in 😂

  8. Lazy_Difficulty_2406

    I said GODDAMN!!!!

  9. SocialIntelligence


  10. banker33

    Awesome movie and great plot but sunbathing in the shade?

  11. higgggih

    Thumbnail looks like he’s a giant.

  12. nice______guy


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