Kennedy Summers – gravity-defying orbs in Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

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  1. UnderwoodsNipple

    Chick was a pretty decent looking Playmate back in 2014. Kind of scary that she’s only 34 and already had that much work done. That doesn’t leave a lot of options when the effects of aging actually kick in.

  2. BataleonNL

    Bolt ons.. All I’m missing is “Pirelli” on the sides of her tits.

  3. symbiotics

    well at least we know she won’t drown if those things can float

  4. forthehungryboi

    Ask not what your titties can do for you…

  5. Rolands_ka_tet

    I like bewbs that look better with no clothes on than a little bit of clothes on.

  6. Comprehensive-Box423

    I think we all know how they defy gravity lol

  7. wookiedave2

    Less plastic in the ocean

  8. LiteralBathBomb


  9. elroyale1012

    Fake don’t quake

  10. mrbbrj

    Hard plastic

  11. [deleted]


  12. deadpoolstan88

    It was Such a boring flick

  13. IronJawJim

    The certainly look store bought.

  14. artemis_verina

    Honestly I’m most concerned she’ll pop pressed against the glass like that. Where’s OSHA when you need ‘em…

  15. DreamS1nWytchHaus

    Lot of pondering of those orbs going on in the comments.

  16. gandalf_the_grey__

    How are they so erect

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