Jessica Parker Kennedy in Black Sails

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  1. Every3Years

    Loved the show, really like the idea of creating an entire series that serves as a prequel to a classic book. Like, seriously, I want more of that.

  2. Skumbag0-5

    Why is this sped up instead of slowed down?


    Great show with some great plot

  4. bawangboi

    Woah she was nude?!? Damn , so hot

  5. MelanatedMan

    Shield your eyes Barry

  6. TheFemaleKpopSimp

    Jessica is such a cutie i love her

  7. hoodycentral2

    Goodness. Tits. Hips. BUSH. Killer smile and come hither. This girl has it ALL.

  8. taloninthenight

    I miss this series.

  9. r3rain

    Fantastic series! Enjoyed the hell out of that. Thankfully it didn’t overstay it’s welcome and devolve into shite, like “Vikings” did.

  10. throwayguey

    Bush is sexy. Can we please make trimmed Bush a thing again?

  11. AccelWasTaken

    How do I use the slowmo bot please

  12. CDACCM

    She’s gorgeous!!!

  13. Ryancrazyass


  14. Midnight_Cookies

    Shades of Kelly LeBrock / Woman in Red

  15. Exact-Temporary-6072

    Oh Canada!

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