Jenna Fischer

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  1. afm00dy

    So a page from Shape Magazine is NSFW now. This sub really sucks.

  2. vladislav_petush

    ‟I love to listen to strong women like Britney Spears” …wt?!

  3. peefaceappplehead

    Gee, I wish I could post a magazine cover…

  4. Alexcoin_btce

    That second one is the most amazing pic of her.

    I sincerely hope she decides she needs a ‟gritty, challenging” stage in her career, and takes on a lesbian role with lots of nudity.

  5. maxtraxv3

    proof? if smart where sexy you wouldn’t have to prove it…

  6. topsykretts47

    She’s always hot, even in her chubby days

  7. validpunishment

    So what exactly does physical leanness have to do with your humor? 🤨

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