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Jane Fonda See Through Basque Barabarella

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  1. Preachin-Gospel

    Reprinted: Mirror.co.uk

    *HOLLYWOOD legend Jane Fonda was forced into threein-a-bed sex by husband Roger Vadim, her autobiography will claim.*
    *The Oscar-winning star says the Frenchman, who directed her in sci-fi spoof Barbarella in 1968, bullied her into inviting other women to join them for orgies.*

    (Supposedly Roger Vadim also hooked her up with two French men but it’s not reported in this article.)
    *In her book, My Life So Far, Fonda, now 67, describes him as “cruel and mysogynistic”.*
    *She says Vadim once even phoned an escort agency and ordered a red-headed woman for a night of lust.*
    *Fonda also claims he encouraged her to chat up women with techniques she used in her Oscar-winning performance as a prostitute in Klute.*

  2. moboboz

    Fuck Jane Fonda, communist trash

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