Jaime Pressly – Poor White Trash (2000)

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  1. therealtimothybarnes

    I miss My Name Is Earl.

  2. mndrthrowaway

    the best ever.

  3. MangaReader95

    Before Margot Robbie we had Jaime

  4. Softspokenclark

    Banging hot

  5. camSchlong


  6. chojinra

    There are big asses, and there are tight assess.

    This is that firm, shapely middle ground.

  7. nosekexp

    Maybe that kiddie pool scene was a reference to her famous scene from Poison Ivy.

  8. justepourpr0n

    She looks more familiar to me here(like my name is earl) than in poison ivy. She changed a lot in those few years, to my eyes anyway.

  9. NetworkMuch3829

    She’s flawless

  10. cruiserflyer

    So tired of these non nude watch it for the plot.

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