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Gretchen Mol

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  1. dennismfrancisart

    Such a good movie. Whether it actually portrayed the life of Betty Page accurately or not, we enjoyed it. Gretchen Mol’s performance was very good.

  2. iantojone

    Lovely bush 😍

  3. Green-Ashamed

    Betty Paige, the perfect pinup girl during the war. She’s an ICON. I hope her legisee never ends!

  4. EmotionalAffect

    Great body in her.

  5. Nathan_Jon_6844


  6. djkoz78


  7. GotNoHotRocks

    A little disappointing that they couldn’t dig up an actual twin lens reflex camera, such as a Rolleiflex, Rolleicord, or even a Yashikaflex.

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