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Gal Gadot looking hot – Kicking Out Shoshana (2014)

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    She does look hot. Only problem was that we were seeing the wrong person’s bare chest.

  2. Evening-Resort-2414

    Boring call me if she rolls over

  3. Bark4Soul

    It’s weird to think there was a time she she was “that one hot girl from fast and furious” and barely known.

  4. PaPusKa01

    She’s like earth, beautiful and flat

  5. myshoesss

    Shes overrated af. Cant act and boring to look at tbh

  6. VF5

    If only she can act.

  7. hardhitsscott

    She has no thighs

  8. Stiles233391

    Her femurs are like gross long

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