Emilia Clarke practically full frontal. Ian Glenn and everyone else there definitely got to see everything.

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  1. exciseduty

    I mean they wear a patch covering ornaments

  2. fapemall

    The lucky mf that edited those dragons in had a lot of fun playing around with the frames of this clip

  3. doubledunker

    Read that in Patrick Stewart’s voice.

  4. WariofromMario

    Are those a bit of lips I see under the dragon or am I imagining things?

  5. KlassyArts

    Didn’t she start having a body double later on in the series b/c she got tired of doing nude scenes

  6. victor_portella

    Even in full frontal scenes on mainstream movies, most actress uses a “pussy wig” called merkin (i’m NOT joking)

  7. Poppy-Juggernaut69

    Oh wow! you could actually see Emilia’s pussy lips here now that is brightened. I never knew she was really full frontal in this scene. Always thought she had modesty patch in it

  8. xXx_KromSchroder_xXx

    my favorite scene.

  9. DickheadDepartment

    As an actor working along side her I am sure you would be respectful. Not to stare or make a deal about her being naked. To be professional. But don’t tell me as a straight actor you wouldn’t get one good look at her!

  10. mwhite1249

    I thought I read that she had a body double for most of the nude scenes and they used CGI to put on her face.

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