Elizabeth Berkley

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  1. thats-fucked_up


  2. WhoOrderedTheCodeZed

    This slow-mo wobble reminds me of Willem Dafoe’s face after he blasts that dude while dressed as a woman in boondock saints.

  3. WhatAmIADoctor


  4. OrichalcumFound

    Can you believe, she was only paid 100k for making this movie, and it ruined her career even though the movie grossed over 100 million when it was released on video.

  5. hubblehubb

    No joke her koochy was flapping in the wind..

  6. CaptainBoobyKisser

    I don’t like rude comments about this clip. I think she is hot, I like her in this movie, and I am thankful to her for all of the nudity. This clip is great.

  7. RonDigz26

    That pie shimmy shaked

  8. LKN4DDS

    Haha! That Twat-wobble. I can almost hear the ‘WUBBAWUBBA’

  9. OVERLORD6614


  10. OVERLORD6614

    What movie was that

  11. [deleted]


  12. 1jfish57

    Greatest and worst movie of all time….at the same time. She was hot af… Watch it with the sound off

  13. imkhafan

    I can’t find this scenes in the movie,this scenes in all showgirls I find is cropped,and showed upper.

  14. Alex_Portnoy007

    I remember this one. Psycho chick going nuts. If you’ve ever had a psychotic girlfriend that’s a scary sight.

  15. Far_Neighborhood_437

    Movie name?

  16. shortcircutfan

    what is this from?

  17. Significant_Gene_421


  18. AC_the_Panther_007

    Jessie Spano got her revenge but she didn’t kill him. She got her revenge for raping Cousin Faith from Soul Food.

  19. Mauri_op


  20. Underwood-F

    Is it for real? And that doesn’t look like a merkin either?

  21. NoneFuckethBeGiveth

    I thought this was 2007 Britney

  22. mlcrisis4all

    That’s a powerful recoil.

  23. DickheadDepartment

    Tall, beautiful and she was only 21 here. Sad to think she was already done at age 21. That’s not to imply she never acted again but someone was going to have to take the blame for the flop. Unfortunately it was to be her.

  24. Ok-Escape4312

    Best bad movie ever!

  25. TheThreeC-s

    Just shave though all chewbacca like…

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