Elisabeth Shue (Trigger Effect)

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  1. hendy846

    I had to double check if she was in The Saint and did not realize how many movies she’s been in.

  2. diezeeshoodie

    Now I understand why Homelander so crazy about her.

  3. bayareadrift

    Such beautiful face

  4. Basatc

    I remember being pleasantly surprised by this scene

  5. FrankieSputino

    I fell in love with her in the Karate Kid.

  6. Badonkenexperiment

    Her in Palmetto with Woody Harrelson is a core memory for me

  7. Yetiofthesnow

    Can’t believe I’m gonna say this on this subreddit, but this movie is a favorite hidden gem of mine that most have never seen. I love the themes. A blackout causes society to start breaking down and becoming violent, and it affects two friends and the one guy’s gf. It is basically a minor apocalypse, but has a much more hopeful and optimistic take on it. I highly recommend.

  8. hamm1430

    This titty used to calm Homelander down

  9. BullRoarerMcGee

    Holy moly

  10. ejaxtagram2020

    Looks like that one was just for her.

  11. rhymeswithtag

    golly gee ms stillwell

  12. NameReddacted

    She can still get it.

  13. BabaYaga141

    Mommy where’s my milk? 🙁

  14. Time_Possession_1436

    So hot

  15. Stdmuff1n

    Loved her in this movie

  16. zorbathegrate

    Would give up a lot

  17. skeumppl

    You know what? You’re… You’re a god damn Elisabeth Shue to me!

  18. jwaters1110

    Those nipples hit different after watching the boys lol

  19. nbaslamindubz

    This scene and Nicolas drinking tequila off her nipple in Leaving Las Vegas

  20. vicentel0pes

    the definition of M.I.L.F.

  21. r3rain

    Well that’s hot AF, from a woman I always thought was hot AF. Nice.

  22. Cespoolburnmaster

    Loved her most recent scene in the boys.

  23. piratacarrera


  24. cptPingaLoca

    Elizabeth shue

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