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Eiza Gonzalez in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

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  1. itzrovert

    I agree Salma did it better but it sucks for her doing that cuz no one can live up to Salma.

  2. emile_blunt

    Can’t hold a handle to Salma.

  3. big-african-hat6991

    I mean maybe if she got nude but this is just bland

  4. CastorPolluk

    This is!…..This is!…… This is…..booooring.

  5. ResearchPurposes18

    Eiza Gonzalez is one of the girls who honestly is there just to be eye candy. Every role that I’ve seen her in, she’s so irritating. Her whole suggestive slut persona in Baby Driver could only cover her annoying screen presence for so long.

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