Dora Pereli – The Coed and the Zombie Stoner

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  1. thisisnotacanadian

    Is that an actual movie 🤔

  2. Amraam120C

    Just watched it after seeing this post, movie was shit AF but plot was nice.

  3. ThePhantomHater

    What I wouldn’t give to have access to all of the raw footage they shot of her for this movie. There’s probably like an hour of her just standing around naked.

  4. A_N1

    What a nice figure!

  5. poafke

    her labia are so beautiful

  6. Syrixs-Selexis

    I thought the Asian girl beside her (censored out) was the hotter of the two.

  7. throwaway2021ex

    Nice shaved cunt

  8. Im_pro_angry

    DK mode.

  9. someone-56


  10. brisbanenudist

    Just went and found the movie. Gorgeous girl, great tits and Quite a few glimpses of her smooth pussy.

  11. rtbnash

    She’s so hot

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