Dora Pereli and Lena Young show off their beautiful labia

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  1. foetus_lp

    i dont think that word means what you think it means

  2. anymos

    According to a commentary version of this on Tubi this was filmed on a real college quad with people walking around, no closed set. What I like is that typically they’d cast porn stars for a part like this, but both actresses had mostly been in artsy short films and web series, nothing really “sexy” before. Dora went on to be a topless extra in Shameless and a non naked main role in a bikini carwash movie (one that did cast porn stars for the nude roles), but has since been focusing on her music.

  3. pinyatashit

    I like their enthusiasm.

  4. fussyfella

    Lovely, but it is their vulva showing not labia. Sorry anatomy nerd here 🙂

  5. ThePhantomHater

    I wonder if she’ll ever do nudity again. I also wonder what it was like to be an extra in this movie in the scenes with her. Talk about a dream gig.

  6. laddt

    a movie?

  7. Cracken29

    Labia sounds inappropriate

  8. Amraam120C

    Yep. This is the third post from that movie (amongst similar communities like WIFTP), this is taking off

  9. Doctor_Strange_Butt

    Which 1 is which?

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