19 thoughts on “Caitlin Stasey”

  1. First saw her in “Reign” on the CW and thought she was gorgeous! I was so happy when I discovered she’s basically an exhibitionist and has a shit ton of nudes online.

    I just wish some of her former Reign cast mates would take the same approach!

  2. Smile girl.

    She’s the actress starring in the hit horror movie Smile currently in theaters next to you and smiling on the poster of the aforementionned movie. Clearing that out for those that hastily assumed I’m a horrible mysoginist.

    Edit : why the downvotes? She’s starring in the movie Smile and featured on the poster.

  3. Fine I’ll be the one to mention “Neighbours” lol, I’ve been in boner for Caitlin since before I even knew what in boner for meant! To one day have access to the plethora of pics she has shared with us all. What a gem, I’m very, very grateful for her views. I can’t pay them any attention but thank Sweat Mary and Joseph Stalin for them!


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