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Anya Chalotra in “The Witcher”

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  1. krathil

    Is there any nudity in S2?

  2. Rated_PG-Squirteen

    I’ve watched six of eight episodes of Season 2, and unfortunately it’s looking like there will be no nudity from Anya. There was one scene especially where she disrobes and gets into a spa where the camera cuts blocked out any shots of her body.

    But I am enjoying the new season, and Anya Chalotra is as gorgeous as ever.

  3. GerinX

    Perfect, perfect breasts. And during the trailer I thought she was miscast. How dumb am I

  4. HostileHippie91

    God bless Anya for being so willing to show off her amazing body so much in this show.

  5. gbase

    Proved the naysayers wrong something fierce.

  6. Poli_Talk

    “Wardrobe” department did a great job.

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