Ana de Armas in Knock knock

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  1. LeatherDream3511

    Fucking hell,I never get tired of this.😳😍

  2. Relevant_Machine_561

    when i see Ana de Armas name i always upvote

  3. chojinra

    Why does everyone point out the movie isn’t good? I mean it’s hardly the worst thing ever, and it felt like they were going for the 70’s exploitation thing.

    That being said, this part of the movie was obviously the highlight of any movie ever.

  4. Deaf30


  5. MeMikeMonster

    “What did you expect? IT WAS FREE PIZZA!”

  6. Pigbigeon

    Knock Knock it’s Knuckles

  7. jackdee78

    Ding dong!

  8. ArronAdler

    That school girl outfit scene. Wow

  9. Celebophile

    Just curious. Why are you saying the movie was bad. It was original, it was entertaining, it had a moral, it had Anna…

  10. LeatherDream3511

    Ana de Armas is an absolute dream

  11. CaptainQuesadillaz

    Perky AF

  12. BamaFan87

    Knock Knock was a crazy ass movie

  13. KosstAmojan

    The movie was not “good” but man they clearly had fun making it!

  14. Brown-Hammer05

    Blonde Ana De Armas is just so damn incredible, always loved this look of hers in the film followed by her look in “No Time To Die”

  15. emfab

    I have never seen this! Let’s repost her. A. Lot.

  16. nice______guy


  17. jfen1

    This movie wasn’t good, but it did make me notice Ana…. Now I can’t wait to see her! 😜

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