Ana de Armas – Feeding on the plot in ‘Sex, Party and Lies’

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  1. Hnry1182

    I can only imagine being his buddy asking how his day at work was.

  2. heynicepenis

    “For today’s paycheck…”

  3. The_Yellow_King

    All I have is a phrase from Monty Python’s The Life of Brian going through my head “You lucky, lucky bastard”

  4. olivertwist69

    I hope they rehearsed the scene before the shot getting ready…

  5. CringeOverseer

    I know shooting sex scenes are commonly known to not be hot, but sucking the breasts of a beautiful woman like this? Seems kinda hot

  6. ImportantCaptain3424

    Couldn’t have controlled himself getting a boner. Woww.. she is so hot and so cute with such awesome tits. Idk what to say. She is just… Lovely.

  7. lordsugar7

    You’re an actor, you’ve read the script and know about this scene but haven’t met your costar yet. Then when you do, it’s…Ana.

  8. Georgeuno

    Lucky bastard

  9. Odd_Ad_5034

    He’s milking every second of this scene. (Pun intended)

  10. yajdq7

    Anna is ❤❤❤

  11. Stopthehammering19

    I’ve heard that it’s unprofessional for an actor to get hard while shooting make out or sex scenes.
    There’s just no freaking way he’s not stiff as a rod.

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  15. Mr_World_Wide_69


  16. abhishekgaurav8


  17. NosferatuRising

    Bummer, dude doesn’t know how to eat.

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