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Alison Brie – Jeff trying really hard to not sexualize Annie in ‘Community’ S1E9

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  1. ExtraAverageGrundle

    I also like [the bottle episode scene](https://youtu.be/DxI9h9k-C2Q?t=76) where she starts stripping to prove she isn’t hiding her missing purple pen.

  2. ItsKaZing

    She was something else during those period. Real smokeshow

  3. HostileHippie91

    She was the best thing about the show. Especially dark timeline Annie with all the seduction lines

  4. littlea_adderall

    Alison as Annie is beyond perfect

  5. slewedpurse655

    Annie is incredible, she’s like a younger Amy Santiago.

  6. RhaegarST9


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