Alexandra Daddario through the years

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  1. TushyFiddler

    That first scene gave me super anxiety – soapy feet like that are accident begging to happen.

  2. GeroKupp

    That true detective scene was a gift.

  3. ArtemisFowl_II_2789

    I thought they reduced in size, but i guess it’s a natural reduction.

  4. Stu_Griffin

    Alexandra Daddario Through the Years: A Boob Odyssey

  5. ChiefPerri

    Ages so gracefully

  6. Wanchaiwarrior88

    The G.O.A.T. in celebrity nudity

  7. DuckDrunkLove

    White Lotus was so good

  8. aaMikhael

    I imagine it would be incredibly difficult to film scenes like that with her

  9. the1wiseguy19


  10. Inevitable-Watch2174

    What a hot career she’s having

  11. Beginning_Leg142

    vry nice

  12. jeffsapper


  13. jeffsapper


  14. No-Increase-1634

    2014 was tops can see her spine in 2020 and since then in all her vids she seems too thin. The pressure to be skinny is a MF. She is a sweetheart for rescuing that 🐢 though.

  15. Adept-Trainer2249

    As the career starts waning they become more prevalent again <3

  16. One-Abbreviations205


  17. Spare_Initiative_442


  18. constantino13

    Que flaca tan divina 🥰😘

  19. Proof_Animal_2199


  20. AffectionateCare7777

    Bruh, I didn’t even know she did this type of scenes 😳 what a gift.

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